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What Is A Steel Frame Building

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  • 20-07-2022
What Is A Steel Frame Building

This article looks at: what is a steel frame building? We look at steel frame construction and the advantages of a steel frame building.

Steel frame buildings are structures made of metal that involve various vertical columns and horizontal steel beams welded together. They are often formulated into rectangular grids or skeletal frames that help support any building's roofs, walls, and floors before construction.

These structures are typically put up before a new-build project goes ahead; the frame acts as the building block of any application. If you are unsure whether or not your project would benefit from 

Understanding Steel Frame Construction

Steel frame construction is used across the industry for various new applications, builds and projects; they are primarily utilised for simplistic and high-rise structures, including large agricultural buildings, warehouses and garages.

However, while this is the basic understanding of the steel frame, professionals can skilfully utilise it for many developments, such as factories, public buildings, schools, residential dwellings, and offices. Steel frame construction is an excellent option for a diverse wealth of projects due to its immense sustainability, durability and affordability.

These steel components used to form its structure can often be fabricated off-site by manufacturers and professionals in the industry who can transport the pieces to your project site when you begin your process. The advantage of this is that you can minimise the requirements for onsite labour, which will ultimately reduce the costs and any variables that could result in a delay, such as harsh weather conditions. 

Advantages of a Steel Frame Building

As a building material, steel is far more robust and more rigid than its counterpart products or materials, so it is suitable to form a skeletal frame that professionals and builders can rely on during the process and lifespan. 

Steel is one of the most structurally sound metal materials we have; it can withstand a vast amount of pressure and stress.

Whether it experiences stresses from external environmental conditions or excessive human use, it is a material that will never compromise its structural integrity. Unlike timber, concrete or other materials, it is far less porous. 

Throughout their lifespan, buildings of all types and sizes are frequently exposed to varying weather conditions, whether extreme heat or harsh rain and cold.

The structural steel frame can withstand it all without fear of damage or breakages, from snowfall to storms to rain and even immense humidity and other harsh climates. Its flexibility makes it highly resistant; therefore, it can bend without cracking and would take an immense, unnatural load or weight for it to begin bending. 

Steel offers a strength-to-weight ratio far higher than any other material, making it a fantastic self-supporting product for new-build buildings.

When professionals take the lead with these structural steel fabricators, you find that steel frames don't require support from additional columns, pillars or beams. Such makes them the ideal technique for buildings and projects that require large, open interiors. 

Steel buildings are incredibly durable and solid with their ability to last decades longer than various other buildings made of other materials.

Steel frames help buildings and construction projects hold their value far better, ensuring they outperform other structures. 

Structural steel is an incredibly versatile material that you can repeatedly utilise without compromising its elasticity, strength, or malleability. The steel's top-tier qualities never wane or damage over time, even after being used over and over.

Steel is incredibly eco-friendly as it's completely resistant to rust, corrosion and oxidation, meaning it cannot deteriorate over time. Professionals can still put them to use by being reused for different applications and projects. Manufacturers do not have to mass-produce these steel I beams or columns; therefore, they do not have too drastic an environmental impact. 

Structural steel components are manufactured and designed to be far more robust than concrete or weight-bearing wood while being much lighter than these products.

Most weight-bearing steel fabrication tends to be around 30-50% lighter than any wooden material equivalent. Its lightweight nature inexplicably makes the steel frame construction more substantial and durable than any alternative frames made of traditional wood materials. 

You'll find that stud steels are available across the UK market in numerous sizes and can be easily fabricated to suit any specifications.

Such means professional manufacturers can customise each stud steel to bear different loads in buildings of various styles, sizes and types. 

Steel frame constructions are a fantastic technique for new-build applications as they are incredibly fire-resistant. You and your builders can successfully reduce the risk of fires occurring and spreading from one building to another.

There is often a special flame-retardant coating over the top of the structural steel to increase the properties' protection. 

Structural steel components are helpful for any outdoor or open-air projects or those based in areas with a high pest threat. The steel frame material is immune to any degrading or damaging effects that mammals or insects may cause by burrowing inside.

For example, suppose you were to create a frame construction out of a wooden framework. In that case, pests could cause massive problems and dramatically affect the structure's sturdiness unless treated thoroughly and adequately. 

Is Steel Frame Construction Right For Your Project?

For those in the planning stages of a new build project or significant building development, it can be tricky to assess whether or not you require a steel frame construction before going ahead with the entire process. A few factors that your project must include warrant the need for a steel structure to protect your workers, equipment, and materials.

For example, if you are constructing large structures like agricultural buildings and warehouses, or anything, particularly high-rise, you may need a steel frame support; however, it can vary depending on the application. 

If you need help deciding whether or not your new build needs such protection techniques, please feel free to get in touch with a local engineer in your area and ask for their recommendation.

Many engineers who can provide builders and architects with sufficient steel frames can also discuss your plans with you and talk through all the fabrication options you have at hand regarding your specification. 

Professional engineers will be able to soundly explain how certain steel fabrications can best increase the level of sturdiness when it comes to your new build. They'll help you find a structure that will ultimately reduce building costs and reduce construction time.  

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