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How Is Steel Used In Car Park Construction

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  • 27-07-2022
How Is Steel Used In Car Park Construction

Find out how steel is used in car park construction. We look at the attributes of good car park design and how steel frames are used in car park construction.

Attributes of a Good Car Park Design

A car park is usually one of the first buildings or structures that many locals or tourists may visit when travelling or going about a specific routine such as a working day, which is why good car park design is essential. Functionality in a car park is an essential factor; however, often, functionality cannot be achieved if there is poor creative design or material quality, which ultimately disrupts the first impression.

Many cladding options available will allow architects and planners to meet the specific building requirements of the town or city. The materials used for frames and structures should be durable, reliable, appealing and blend in with the surrounding environment, especially in the city centre.

A good car park design will check off the following attributes on the criteria:

  • It should have straightforward entry and egress for the applications themselves and each parking stall.
  • Its traffic flow should be logical and uncomplicated; ensure you and your architect or engineer discuss a range of suitable driving routes.
  • It must be light and airy to let out pollutants of fossil fuels and harmful gases.
  • Each car park must be low maintenance, as locals and travellers will utilise it daily.
  • It should provide unimpeded movement.
  • Finally, it's paramount that you and your architects and engineers ensure it's safe and secure for frequent use. There must be CCTV and night vision cameras, alongside the relevant alarm and gate system that prevent cars from being stolen or vandalised without proof. 

Steel Frame Car Park Construction

Statistics from the BPA state that approximately 30% of drivers in any city centre of the UK spend their time searching for a car park. 

Their studies also show predictions of a traffic increase of around 43% for the following twenty years.

So, providing our local applications and businesses with high volume, high quality and future-proof car parking constructions is much more significant.

In town centres and the middle of big cities, the land tends to be incredibly expensive and in a relatively short supply.

Many have found that multi-storey car parks with raised decks and many floors in the centre of these locations are better solutions for accommodating a wide range of vehicles within a short space.

However, some of the most densely populated areas of a city or town are the locations where we require multi-storey parking constructions.

Traditional construction methods can be complex based on the lack of on-site storage availability and access limitations.

Car parks must have a durable design, as they must accommodate a large volume of stationary and moving traffic throughout all hours of the day and night.

How is Steel Used In Car Park Construction?

The design of most existing vehicles relies heavily on the pollution of fossil fuels to be efficient; therefore, multi-storey car parks must have an air of openness that prevents pollutants from being trapped inside. They must be able to circulate and leave into the fresh air properly.

The materials to create the building, for example, steel structures, must be durable enough to withstand being exposed to the elements. Over time, the vehicle pollutants that come with heavy traffic, chemicals in the environment, de-icing salts and salty air in coastal towns can become highly damaging to the frames and structures of a car park.

Steel is incredibly robust and durable, alongside its advantage of being resistant to vandalism and fires. It possesses an ability for longevity that manufacturers can further enhance during fabrication through protective coatings and powders, which is why it is an excellent material for this form of structure. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Steel Frame In Car Park Construction?

A vast range of multi-storey car parks across the UK are skillfully crafted using steel frame technology and methods. Each professional tasked with designing these several-storey car parks understands that there are specific combinations of composite concrete flooring and steel frame structures that are necessary to deliver a range of benefits.

Many utilise these combinations when curating reinforced concrete slabs and steel decking for car parks, as it helps formulate a solid, durable frame for the application.

Some of the benefits that it delivers on include the following:

 Steel frame structures offer an efficient car park construction method that isn't costly nor time-consuming, as many of its parts can be fabricated offsite.

 Steel is an incredibly flexible material, yet it's durable and strong, meaning it's unpropped; large spans allow for fewer columns needed between each car park level. You can save money on the number of materials used and engineers on-site.

 You can ultimately maximise the number of bays in your car park due to the flexible design options available to you with steel frame construction. Doing so will allow you to maximise the revenue of your car park, as there will be more space for more vehicle users.

 The steel material is extremely lightweight, so you'll experience a reduced requirement for further or additional foundations.

 It is an incredibly low maintenance material; its upkeep may include a hot zinc coating, typically performed during fabrication or perhaps powder coating.

 Steel frame structures have immense durability and longevity, as they are unable to receive damage from heavy loads or harsh weather and cannot be warped by pests or moisture.

 They have a great fire and vandal resistance, making them an excellent choice for high-scaling buildings and applications, both domestic and commercial.

 It is also an extreme advantage that these steel members and parking bays of high volumes in a relatively brief period. You'll want to ensure your car park is up and running as soon as possible for the benefit of your local commercial users and operators, including office blocks, shopping centres, airports, ports, railway stations, hospitals and supermarkets. 

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